Attorney Referrals

Attorneys serving the South Bay Area and San Francisco including Redondo Beach, Torrance, Manhattan Beach and Nearby Cities

All referral inquiries are welcome, even those with an imminent trial date.

Mr. Kelly will respond to your inquiry personally and promptly.

Why Should I Refer My Case to Kirtland & Packard LLP?

  • We pay referral fees promptly.
  • We have paid millions of dollars in referral fees.
  • Where the referring attorney prefers, we frequently work on cases with them as a joint venture.
  • We will advance all costs.
  • We will, in appropriate cases, reimburse pending/past costs at the time of acceptance of the referral.
  • We have vast experience with creative theories and pleadings, enforcing written discovery requests, taking critical depositions, defeating Motions for Summary Judgment, settlement negotiations and mediations, and taking tough cases to trial.
  • We have the ability and resources to litigate a large number of different types of cases.
  • We have vast experience working on complex and multiparty litigation in both state and federal courts.
  • We utilize the top expert talent in our cases.
  • We fully explore and deploy unique, novel and cutting edge legal theories.
  • We handle all referrals in compliance with State Bar rules.

To reach Mr. Kelly directly, please call him at 310-536-1000 or email him at [email protected].