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How Much do You Know About Your Rights at Work?

California enjoys some of the nation’s most impressive worker protections, but illegal termination, employment discrimination, and many other forms of mistreatment in the workplace still occur regularly. When you are fired for suspicious reasons, harassed, passed up for promotion, or faced with any other form of mistreatment, you need an experienced employment attorney on your side right away.

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When you are employed, you are given certain rights from both the federal and the state government. The state of California is an at-will state, meaning employers don't necessarily have to given a reason to fire an employee. However, if you suspect that you were let go for a reason that violates your rights, our attorneys can help you with a wrongful termination lawsuit. Find out more about wrongful terminations here:


Wrongful Discharge

California is an “at-will employment” state. This means that, absent a contract or union protection, you can be fired from your job for nearly any reason at any time. However, if the underlying reason for your discharge is prohibited under California state law, you may have cause to take legal action against your former employer.


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