Glyphosate and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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Cancer Risks | Glyphosate | RoundUp Lawsuits RoundUp (Glyphosate), is a weed killer used by farmers, gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners. Monsanto, the maker of RoundUp, marketed its herbicide as non-toxic and safe to use. However, the use of Glyphosate causes great harm to human beings. According to the World Health Organization's intergovernmental agency, IARC, there is a connection between Glyphosate and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The IARC has declared Glyphosate to be 'probably carcinogenic'.

Each year, approximately 250 million pounds of glyphosate are sprayed on crops, commercial nurseries, lawns, driveways, sidewalks, parks, and golf courses. Monsanto earns approximately $5 billion in revenue a year from its sales of RoundUp.

In August of 2018, a San Francisco jury ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million to a former school groundskeeper dying of cancer, saying the company's popular RoundUp weed killer contributed to his disease. The lawsuit, brought by Dewayne Johnson, was the first to go to trial among hundreds filed in state and federal courts saying RoundUp causes Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Are you at risk? The Environmental Working Group maintains a list of foods with glyphosate as well as dozens of other potentially carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides. These lists can be printed out and taken to the grocery store for ease of reference.

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