Out-of-State Defective Drug Victims May Sue in California

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Out-of-state residents may sue Plavix drugmaker in California

On August 29, 2016, the California Supreme Court made an important ruling that will affect people injured by defective drugs, including the blood-thinning drug Plavix. California's highest court ruled on a pharmaceutical case upholding victims' rights nationwide to have their case heard in California State Courts. This means out-of-state residents can join the claims of residents who are suing pharmaceutical companies in California State Court. The injuries and claims must be similar.

Bristol Myers Squibb is currently being sued by hundreds of people in California, who are claiming injury caused by the improper marketing of Plavix. This court decision means Bristol Myers Squibb is now subject to claims from out-of-state victims as well. This California Supreme Court opinion essentially ensures that affected individuals can hold large corporations responsible for their misleading marketing, promotion and distribution of dangerous and defective drugs and products. As a California firm that represents local residents and plaintiffs nationwide against large pharmaceutical companies and other corporations, Kirtland & Packard continues to fight for consumer justice. Kirtland & Packard’s attorneys have been and continue to be appointed by both Federal and California State judges to leadership positions in numerous litigations nationwide.

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