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January 17, 2017

Car accidents caused by speeding in South Bay CA

Much of today's driving safety talk revolves around distracted driving. But speeding remains a dangerous, life-threatening behavior that is still rampant throughout the country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,262 people were killed in auto accidents...

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January 09, 2017

When you realize you may have a personal injury claim, figuring out what to do next may feel overwhelming. Our experienced California personal injury lawyers offer a free case evaluation so that you can find out what your options are, and so that we can determine if you have a case. Watch the video above to find out what you should be prepared for at your first consultation.

For a free case review, please call Kirtland & Packard...

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December 28, 2016

Although car accidents are often caused by other drivers, sometimes a defect is to blame. For example, these vehicle parts and features have been the subject of past defective auto lawsuits:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Electrical systems
  • Ignition switches

On a related note, defective roadways are sometimes the cause of accidents.

When you purchase a vehicle, you rely on it to be reasonably...

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December 14, 2016

When you're crusing the road in a motorcycle you may not realize how much you're putting yourself at risk. There are very common forms of motorcycle accidents that can lead to horrible and catastrophic injuries. In this infographic, we share the five most common motorcycle accidents and share how to avoid them:

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers | Los Angeles, CA








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December 08, 2016

Whistleblower lawsuits may seem complex and confusing, but our experienced attorneys are ready to provide the information you need to move forward. Please watch the video above to learn more. If you think you may have a whistleblower claim, please call Kirtland & Packard, for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation, at 310-536-1000. We are proud to serve people from across the state of California,...

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December 05, 2016


Each state has a statute of limitations that sets a deadline by which you must file a personal injury claim. The deadline is typically based on how much time has passed since the date of the injury. But there may be special circumstances affecting this timeline, such as whether the injury wasn't discovered immediately and what type of incident caused the injury. For that reason, it is essential to discuss your specific situation with our experienced attorneys, in order to determine whether you can file a claim.

In California, most personal injury cases fall within a 2-year deadline from the date of the...

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November 17, 2016

After being involved in a car accident, it is imperative to seek help from our attorneys. We can review your case and help you determine if you have the ability to seek financial restitution and compensation for your damages and injuries. Please view this presentation for more information:



To schedule...

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November 16, 2016

You should speak to our experienced attorneys after getting involved in a car crash in California. With many years of experience and a passion for fighting on behalf of our clients, the attorneys at Kirtland & Packard are here for you. We will make sure you know all of your options and whether you have a case to pursue compensation.

For a free case evaluation, please call our law firm at 310-536-...

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October 25, 2016

Have you ever wondered if your medication is dangerous? Has a medication you take recently been recalled or left you with more injuries than you started with? If so, take our quiz to see if we can help you with a dangerous drug case. At Kirtland & Packard LLP we are here to help you if you’ve suffered from dangerous prescription medications. If you live in or near South Bay, CA contact us for a free consultation at 310-536-1000 today.


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October 20, 2016

California state law lays out exactly what discrimination in the workplace looks like. Certain discriminatory acts or practices in business may be deemed illegal, and our experienced attorneys can determine if you have a case. The employment lawyers at Kirtland & Packard have extensive experience handling these claims. As a result, we have a thorough understanding of relevant California law and how it may play a role in your...

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