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Estate Planning Attorney Minneapolis

Estate Planning Attorney Minneapolis

There could be many reasons why someone would want to meet with estate planning lawyers in Minneapolis, MN. If you are not familiar with the laws or how an estate gets handled, it will always be best to have guidance from someone with experience. Here at Schindel Segal Attorneys, we want everyone in the Minneapolis area to know some of the top reasons why it is important to seek dependable estate planning services. The top five reasons include:

  1. Avoiding Probate – Even though many people have not yet had to deal with probate, the chances are good; they have heard a lot of horror stories. This makes it so they want to try to avoid having to go to probate at all costs. For this process, the deceased’s will gets validated, and value gets placed on all assets to get final bills and taxes taken care of. Once that is complete, the assets get distributed accordingly to the remaining beneficiaries.
  2. Reduction of Estate Taxes – When it comes to the payment of both state and federal taxes, there can be a significant loss to the overall estate. Working with estate planning law firms in Minneapolis will help to cut back on these taxes and the overall stress of going through the process. Many different advanced estate planning tips and tricks can sometimes be used for individuals or married couples to cut down on the tax bill.
  3. Avoiding a Mess – Minneapolis estate planning attorneys have seen it all, so they know what can happen in most cases. Clients are smart to seek advice from a good firm to learn all about the best course of action to avoid failure in the future. Doing so in advance will hopefully lessen the chances of family members fighting or the high cost of going through probate court.
  4. Asset Protection – An estate planning attorney in Minneapolis will work with you for asset protection planning as part of the estate process. If you suspect a lawsuit could be coming your way, it will already be too late to protect any assets. Planning in advance is the best way for you to protect assets for your beneficiaries after your passing.
  5. Beneficiary Protection – The last thing that you want to worry about is your beneficiaries going through a lot of added stress and jumping through hoops while dealing with your estate. You can work with an estate planning attorney in Minneapolis to protect minor or adult beneficiaries from creditor issues, spouses in a divorce, outside influences, or problems stemming from bad decisions. 

Do you still have questions, or are you looking at your best options while searching for estate planning lawyers near me in the Twin Cities? We are here to help at Schindel Segal Attorneys! 

Contact us at Schindel Segal Attorneys to request a consultation with one of our valued legal experts. You can reach us by calling (952) 358-7400 and go over any questions or concerns you may have regarding hiring an estate planning attorney in Minneapolis.

Estate Planning Attorney Minneapolis

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