Defective Roadway Design

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Seemingly minor issues of design and planning can greatly affect your everyday life. The choices our urban engineers make when crafting cities and roadways shape how we go about our lives in ways we never even think of.

We never think of them, that is, until a poor design decision results in an eminently avoidable auto accident that hurts innocent people. Roadways have to be designed carefully and with a complete understanding of how the street will be used.

Defective roadway design claims require extensive knowledge of complicated subjects. Our firm has been pursuing these claims for decades – we understand the intricacies of design and construction and know how to successfully pursue a claim, even against government entities.

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Examples of Defective Roadway Design

Think about all of the input you deal with while on the road. You're watching the other cars on the road. You're following road signs. You're taking the weather into account. To drive is to multi-task in a life-or-death situation.

Good roadway design recognizes this and makes the driver's life easier. Bad design exacerbates your difficulty and can leave you confused and unsure as to what you should do, which can be deadly while operating a vehicle.

Examples of defective roadway design include:

  • Unclear or confusing road signs
  • Road signs hidden by foliage or other environmental factors
  • A poorly maintained road, such as one that contains a large number of potholes or debris that hasn't been removed in a timely fashion
  • Poorly controlled intersections
  • Large, poorly noted shoulder drop-offs
  • A poorly lit street

Noticing a defective roadway design requires experience and insight. Many attorneys will look at a car crash and see simple driver negligence. At Kirtland & Packard, LLP, our lawyers know to look deeper and consider structural factors that might have contributed to the accident.

Defective roadway design lawsuits often involve pursuing claims against state and local governments, though they might also require legal action against private contractors. We're comfortable with these complicated lawsuits and can point to many successful claims we've pursued against government entities.

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