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There is an immense power differential involved in any conflict or disagreement between an employee and the company for which he or she works. Many employees feel they've been wronged in a way that violates California law, but they're reluctant to do anything for fear of losing the job that supports them and their family.

Kirtland & Packard, LLP evens the score. Our employment lawyers are some of the best in California. We represent wronged employees who need representation in pursuing the compensation they deserve.

Employment cases can be tricky- courts are historically reluctant to intrude too deeply into the employee-employer relationship. That's why it's so important you find an employment lawyer with a proven track record of successfully pursuing these cases.

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Employment Law Cases

It's generally recognized that organizations have a tremendous amount of leeway to make the personnel decisions they believe are right for them – most employees are at-will, which means both the employee and employer can end the relationship at whatever point either desires.

However, this does not mean that an office is a fiefdom where the manager's decision can never be contested. California has strong labor laws that are designed to protect employees from being exploited by their employers.

Still, these laws are no good unless victims use them to pursue remedies for their victimization. And to do that, you need an experienced lawyer. Our employment lawyers have pursued claims related to:

Pursuing these cases requires a firm understanding of all relevant local, state and federal laws. Our lawyers understand not only the letter of the laws and regulations, but their practical implications, as well as the precedents behind all of them.

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We'll discuss your case and help you determine if you have a viable legal claim under California or federal employment law.

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