California Business Interference Cases Explained By Attorney Behram Parekh

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I’m attorney Behram Parekh. Sometimes we’re asked if another business interfered with my customers, do I have a legal claim? If you have a potential business interference case it’s very important to hire a lawyer experienced in those cases. Businesss interference cases can be very tricky with complex issues and very complicated legal standards. Generally, in order to prove a claim for business interference, you have to show first that you were in a business relationship with the customer. Second, that the defendant knew of that relationship. And, third, that the defendant interfered with that relationship through a wrongful act such fraud or misrepresentation. Determining whether your case meets these criteria is not easy and sometimes you may not even know all of the facts. You should face these issues with the most experienced representation you can. If you believe you have a potential case of business interference please call or email us today for a free consultation.