Defective Product Cases Explained by Injury Lawyer Behram Parekh

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I'm attorney Behram Parekh. People often wonder how will you actually prove that a product that injured me was defective? Our law firm has decades of experience with defective product cases. With lawyers that have considerable background and expertise in technical cases of that type. Before we take any case involving a defective product we do a thorough analysis of the likelihood that a defect in the product was the actual cause of the injury. Once we agree to take on the lawsuit we conduct discovery against the manufacturer and the seller of the product to determine what information they have regarding the defect. We find that many times the manufacturer will have been aware of the defect but made a financial calculation that it was cheaper to continue selling the product with a defect and pay off anyone who was injured than to actually fix the defect. Our lawyers have the experience and skills to find those smoking gun documents hidden amongst the millions of documents usually dumped on law firms by companies in this type of litigation. In addition, we also hire experts in the field to investigate the product and provide a report on how the product was defective and how that defect lead to the injury. Many of the experts we've used in the past are leaders in tehir field with positions at prestigious universities and numerous publications to their name. Litigating a product defect claim requires a lawyer who has the background and expertise in the field to understand the technology involved with the product and a law firm with the resources to hire the best experts possible. If you have been injured by a product, whether it is a consumer product, a commercial product, a medical device, or a drug call or email us today for a free consultation on your case. Our phone number is 310-536-1000 or you can visit us at our website at