Suing a Credit Card Company for Fraud

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I’m attorney Behram Parekh. People often wonder, ‘can I sue my bank or credit card company if they’ve committed fraud against me?’ These days, it seems like banks, credit card companies and financial institutions can get away with virtually anything. Sometimes, however, they do cross the line – and that’s when we can step in and help. If your bank or credit card company has promised you one thing -like a fixed interest rate on your credit card or loan – but then increased that interest rate, they may have committed fraud. Banks, credit card companies and financial firms have to meet stringent regulations regarding what disclosures they make regarding things like interest rates, minimum payments and fees. If they don’t make those disclosures in a way that is not misleading, you may be entitled to compensation. Financial regulations, however, are extremely complex. You need lawyers who have significant experience in navigating those complex regulations in order to determine whether or not, in your case, those companies crossed the line. Our firm has successfully sued financial firms and recovered millions of dollars for consumers. If you believe you were the subject of fraud by a bank, credit card company or other financial institution, please call or email us today for a free consultation on your case. Our phone number is 310-536-1000 or you can visit us at our website at