Unfair Business Practices Discussed By Injury Lawyer Behram Parekh

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I'm attorney Behram Parekh. People often ask us, what is an unfair business practice that would enable me to sue a company? California has some of the most stringent laws for unfair business practices. This includes practices directed against both consumers and competitors. Unfair business practices include behavior such as lying, misrepresentations and exaggerations about products or services. It can also include failing to disclose information that would have been important to you to know before making a decision about whether or not to accept a product or service. It can also include violations of other laws and regulations. And other unfair or fraudulent acts that provide a business with advantages over its customers or competitors. Many times the unfair business practice involves wrongfully only taking a small amount of money on an individual basis, but doing that across hundreds or thousands of people. In those cases California's unfair business practices laws allow for the filing of a class action that puts together those claims and makes filing a lawsuit feasible to not just get people's money back but to prevent the business from continuing to keep wrongfully taking such money in the future. As the old quote says, there as many ways to commit fraud as there are people with imagination. Our law firm is a leader in protecting consumers and competitors against unfair, deceptive, fraudulent and unlawful behavior from businesses. If you believe that you have been damaged in any way as a result of such harmful behavior please call us today for a free consultation. Our phone number is 310-536-1000 or you can visit us at our website at www.courtroomwarrior.com