What Is A Mass Tort Claim?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I'm attorney Behram Parekh. People who've heard of mass tort claims but most people don't really know what they are. A mass tort claim is one where a person or company has committed an act that injures not just you but many other people. The act can be committed negligently, willfully, or sometimes even with no intent at all. But if the act hurts you and other people you may still be entitled to compensation. Examples of mass tort claims are where a drug has a side effect that injures numerous people who take it. A defective product or device that injures people. A bus or train accident. A toxic spill or gas leak. A large industrial disaster or any other injury causing event that effects multiple people in the same way. In order to ensure that you get as much recovery as possible for your injuries in a mass tort claim you need a lawyer experienced in mass tort litigation to help you do that. This is because unlike an individual injury case the company organization at fault in a mass tort claim could be facing hundreds of millions of dollars in combined damages from all the people who were injured. This leads that company to spend large sums of money on their own lawyers in order to minimize the total recovery they have to pay for. Our law firm has been involved in mass torts since its founding in 1932. We have the experience, dedication, and resources to maximize your individual recovery. Please call or email us today for a free consultation on your case. Our phone number is 310-536-1000 or you can visit us at our website at www. courtroomwarrior.com